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Roofing - Gutters - Siding - Windows - Garage doors - Solar - Interior - Public Adjusters

As a full service roofing contractor, we can help you manage any size project. We have experts in each specialty roofing type. We want to be as transparent as possible, which is why many of our services have prices listed online for you to see.

We offer all Roofing Services Commercial and Residential. 


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“We needed some minor repairs done to our roof and based on previous recommendations on, we contacted Sam at SGR Roofing. Upon meeting him, he was extremely professional, very knowledgeable and clearly explained our options. The work was completed within 2 weeks of our initial discussion and we are very pleased with the completion of the project. I would highly recommend SGR Roofing for anyone looking to repair or replace a roof."


“Excellent experience with SGR. I appreciated his in-depth knowledge of the roofing industry and his willingness to share what was best for my house. Give him a call, you won’t be disappointed."


“SGR replaced our roof using superior products I had three contractors evaluate the roof Only SGR walked the entire roof and only SGR found there had been hail damage SGR immediately called the insurance company and arranged for an inspection SGR also came when the insurance adjuster came to inspect pointing out the areas of concern Thankfully it was approved and the work was done perfectly I totally recommend this company"


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Your Safe Place is Your Priority

From Our family to yours, welcome to the SGR family. I'm Sam Rutherford CEO of SGR Roofing. I've been in construction full time since 2008. But I started early on in 2001. I've spent time in Commercial Construction and Relief work volunteer construction. I even spent sometime in Ecuador doing construction. I started in the roofing business back in 2010. I started SGR Contracting in 2013 as a small Company. Doing a little bit of everything. Bathroom, and Kitchen remodels. Floors and Tile. Flipping houses. Finishing and patching Drywall. Mostly doing everything by myself with the help of my uncle or a friend or two. In 2017 I transitioned back to Roofing Full Time. SGR ROOFING was born. We have grown to service 3 States both commercial and Residential. Solar, Gutters and Roofing. With an awesome team able to tackle any roofing project needed. The best part is, I get to work with my beautiful wife, every single day!

Tired of dealing with repair after repair? Frustrated chasing down roof leaks? 

Fed up with spending so much money on utility bills?

Like you, we are frustrated by roofs that leak year after year. We are frustrated by the expensive power bills. For over 25 Years we've heard the horror stories from people like you. People patching roofs, chasing down leaks, paying for repair after repair, spending hundreds a month on power bills.  We understand the dread of seeing water stains, and wondering how much damage it's going to cause. We understand the pain that the energy bill can cause you each month.  Sometimes it can feel like there is no solution.

 Finally, with todays technology, you can stop these nightmares once and for all.

Our products have helped thousands fix their roof permanently and save thousands of dollars on their energy expenses

We will guide you thru the process, and help you find the solutions right for you. Our Team of Experts will handle all the work needed to be done from beginning to end. You can peacefully rest knowing you've ended your frustrations forever. Together, one roof at a time, we can do a big part in saving planet Earth! The better roofs we install, the less often roofs need replaced. That means less debris goes into land fill.

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Sam & Autumn