Is It Time to Replace or Upgrade Your Attic Insulation?

Updated: Oct 31, 2019

Staying comfortable in your home is something everyone deserves. However, with ever-rising energy bills, is that becoming difficult? An attic that's adequately insulated can help. Energy efficiency is important and can really help control energy cost. Did you know, overtime some attic insulation starts to break down and deteriorate? This can cause some problems. Many people, however, don't think to check the insulation in the attic. Here are some tell-tell signs, it's time to replace your attic insulation.

1. Expensive Energy Costs

If your energy bills seem high, do something about it. Consider having your attic inspected. In North Georgia you should have about 18inchs of attic insulation. Attic insulation doesn't just keep you warm in the winter, it it also helps keep you cool during the summer. If you want your ulility bills cheaper, consider calling an attic specialist.

2. Hot of Cold Indoor Pockets

As you move around your home, do you find some spots warmer or colder than others? That may be due to the attic insulation shifting or just not having enough to begin with. Hot and cold air can come into your home, and start conflicting with the heating and AC systems, making it hard to manage the temperature. If you notice this, consult with a roofing or attic contractor on the proper steps to take.

3. Breezy Indoors

Ever get a cool breeze in the winter and wonder, "where did that come from?" We call that draft. This is caused when your current walls, windows or doors don't put enough mass between the inside and outside. First, check your windows and make sure everything is closed and sealed off. If that looks good, go up to the attic. If the insulation is pulled up in spots or missing, contact a roofing or attic contractor and talk about installing more attic insulation.


If it's time for your attic insulation to be replaced or added to, contact a roofing or attic contractor. This is NOT a DIY project . Attics can be dangerous for the non-professional. They are difficult to move around in. They have low head room and often, no floor. DO NOT attempt to inspect or replace insulation yourself, it can cause injury. Also the products installed vary, from house to house. You can actually install too much in the wrong spot and cause your home's attic to no longer breath properly. That could make things worse than before . It can also cause the roof shingles to age faster.

Roofing or attic contractors can help you choose the products that fit your homes needs. From batting insulation to blown-in insulation, working with a professional is the way to go.

Need more information about attic insulation replacement? Contact SGR CONTRACTING & ROOFING in the Atlanta metro area.

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