Updated: Oct 30, 2020

In my lost blog I wrote about SGR Roof Coatings, what roof coatings are, and how they work. If you missed that blog click here. Over the next few blogs, I'll be sharing the benefits of roof coatings as compared to traditional "old school" roof replacements. As you can tell from the title, one huge benefit of our roof coating is the fact they are seamless. Because our system is fluid applied, our coatings are completely monolithic. We have the only roofing product on the market that doesn't have a single seam.

Seams, joints and flashing on a traditional roof system are the number one most likely place for a roof to leak. When we eliminate the seams, joints, and flashing, we eliminate leaks. This is why we are able to to guarantee that our Commercial Flat Roof Systems are going to be leak proof forever!! Our system is one solid sheet, covering the entire roof, joints, flashing and any potential areas for water to get in.

If you are a commercial property owner, property management company or a maintenance director for a commercial or industrial property, get a seamless roofing system. Click Here and fill out the form, to get a professional consultation and estimate with myself or one of my highly trained reps. Stop Spending money on costly roof repairs. DON'T REPLACE. SGR COAT

In my next blog I'll talk about how our coatings are practically free!

Can't wait to learn more?

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