Updated: May 21, 2020

I'm about to tell you a secret that many soft washing companies haven't learned yet, or don't want you know about. This secret could put many roof washers out of business! First, I think its important to explain a few things about roofs and the business of roof washing.

Generally, once a roof, in humid warm climates, reaches about 6 years old, its starts showing signs of aging. One of these signs is roof algae. Learn more about why this is bad, by reading our post about 4 benefits to cleaning your roof. Once algae starts, it generally comes back year after year. This means repeat yearly customers for roof washing companies! That's great news. Get enough repeat customers and a company is pretty set for years to come. What I'm about to tell you, the secret I'm about to reveal, can destroy that business model!

There is a way that SGR can prevent or very much limit, algae from ever growing on your roof again. As mentioned, roofs need to be washed just about every year to keep them looking new. What if I told you we could make it where you only had to wash it every 20 years. I can even extend the life of the shingles by 20+ years. It is possible! Shingles used to last 50-60 years. Now its common to replace a roof every 20 years. We can prevent that.

I'll attempt to explain it the way it was explained to me, in simple terms, without getting to much into the science of it all. First, its important to know that shingles of 40+ years ago, didn't used to grow much algae. This is due to shingles not following the same manufacturing process as before. I'll write another blog about that later. Basically, a few things changed. The main contributor to more algae is the over use of limestone. Algae loves limestone, it eats it for breakfast, lunch , and dinner.

What does algae hate, even more than it loves limestone? METAL! We have a products derived from metal that inhibit algae growth! Keeping the roof, algae free, for 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years. Clean once and forget about it. It's truly a permanent solution. This product has other great benefits too. Read more about those here.

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