Is Algae paying you rent? It's no longer welcome! It's time to serve Algae it's eviction notice. But how do you get rid of the ugly stains on your Roof? The first thought that might come to mind, is to grab a pressure washer. Or perhaps, to get out the water house and try to rinse it off. The truth is: Cleaning the roof can be tough and dangerous.

Many roofs nowadays, like the picture just above, start showing dingy black streaks and algae at only 6 years old. This roof is only six years old when this photo was taken in MAY 2020. These stains are unsightly. Don't get out the pressure washer. That can damage your roof and lead to expensive repairs. Here are the top 4 reasons you should have SGR soft wash your Roof.

1. Curb Appeal

Unsightly stains can really affect the overall look of your home. . You want your home to look beautiful, and one way to do that is soft washing the roof and siding and windows. Bacteria and algae can grow over time on your siding and roof.

2.Energy Savings

While there is not enough scientific data to support the claim, it makes since logically, that the dark algae wouldn't reflect light as well as lighter colors. Those dark stained roofs aren’t only unattractive, they could also be causing your electric bills to rise, especially in summer. Perhaps a roof that has been soft washed could reduce cooling costs during warmer summer months.

3.Extended Lifespan

As previously stated dirtier roofs could attract more sunlight. This could cause your home to be warmer, which means it would also age your roof quicker The same can go for the siding on your home.

4. Eco-Friendly

While saving on your cooling costs is a great benefit, another is the impact soft washing has on the environment (or the lack of an impact). We use a biodegradable solution which destroys the offending organisms at their base. There’s no need for damaging chemicals, scraping, brushing or pressure washing your home to achieve the benefits listed above. Our Eco-friendly solution is applied with the pressure similar to that of a water hose, keeping your home and the environment safe.

Consider This

Just cleaning, won't prevent algae from growing back. There are products out there that can prevent algae from growing back. These products also have so many other benefits. To learn more about them, see our post about these amazing products.

Truth be told, You could probably call a hand full of different pressure washing companies, or soft washing companies. So, Why Choose SGR? Sam Rutherford (Owner of SGR) has been in the roofing industry since 2009. So he and his team understand how a roof works. This is important in understanding how to clean and protect the roof. To Learn more about the SGR Washing Process and story visit here.

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