Ugly Roofs don't always need to be Replaced

SPRING is time to be outside. Working in the yard, cleaning the house, washing the cars. Many look up and notice their roof has begun to show it's age. If you've noticed streaks on your roof, it’s not necessarily a sign of poor maintenance. Instead, these unsightly dark splotches or streaks, that go across the roof, are caused by bacteria, often referred to as algae. Generally, algae grows on the north face or any shaded areas the most. Experts believe algae can deteriorate shingles and shorten the life span of the roof. 


Roof cleaning is a relatively new industry. Shingles used to be higher quality and algae couldn't grow on them as easily. Thus, algae has only been a problem for the past 10-15 years. Some homeowners think the algae growth is just normal wear and tear. Many people replace their roofs much earlier than needed. Some roofing contractors prey on these homeowners and convince them they need to replace their roof. The truth? A Good roof cleaning is all that is needed. A proper roof wash can add years to the life of the roof. It is important to make sure you find a good company that doesn't use harmful chemicals.

Roof cleaning is a relatively new industry. There are a lot of wrong ways to clean a roof. Never allow anyone who uses a power washer, to clean your roof, this type of excessive pressure can damage shingles. Roof cleaning should only be performed by a professional service that is knowledgeable and has the ability to provide the roof wash safely.

The average roof replacement cost between $8,000-$13,000. A Professional roof cleaning only cost on average between $800-$1400. When the proper cleaning agents are used, roof cleaning can easily add 5-10 Years to the age of your shingles.. Depending on the solutions used, the roof needs to be coated or cleaned every 1-2 years, or every 5 years. Some solutions can reduce or even reverse the aging process of shingles. If properly applied on a regular basis a 25 year shingle can last 40-50 years.

Even with the best cleaning practices, roofs will inevitably have other areas that need to be maintained. So make sure to find a company that specializes in roofing and roof washing, as some minor repairs may need to be done throughout the lifespan of the roof. When its time to replace your roof, you'll already have a relationship with a trusted roofer. Proper cleaning, inspections, and repairs can safe THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of dollars for homeowners.

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