Why you don't Need Multiple Estimates

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

If you have recently filed or are considering filing an insurance claim on your roof there are several things you need to know. I want to help make sure you don't get taken advantage of buy your insurance company.

You have a right to choose your contractor. Don't let the insurance take that right from you.

The insurance wants you to get other estimates hoping you'll find a low ball guy. If you have a guy that is cheaper than the insurance estimate, he is probably cutting corners. Using cheap materials. Cheap, unskilled Labor, no workman's comp on his installers. No legit insurance, AND he probably doesn’t even have a contractors license.

The only person that benefits is the insurance company. Lower bids cant save you money anyway.

WHAT THEY SHOULD TELL YOU is it’s a good idea to interview multiple companies. You want to find a company that will do everything they can to get every penny possible from the insurance company. Someone that will fight to make sure you get all the needed code upgrades. someone to make sure the insurance pays for every single manufactures specified upgrade and requirements.

Once you find that company tell the insurance you have found the company you don’t want to look anywhere else. Tell them to work with them and negotiate on a price. Don’t let them bully you around. Don’t make a mistake and send them multiple estimates. NEVER go with lowest bid but rather go with someone you trust.

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