No Out of Pocket Cost*

Tax Credits extended until Dec 31st 2021


On average, homeowners save between 20% and 30% each month on utilities after installing our solar system. After years of costly energy bills, you can finally replenish and reinvest energy to lower your monthly expenses. *NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE FOR INSTALL*


One of a kind

With our one-of-a-kind Virtual Design Tool, SGR Solar makes the experience of buying solar Simple and Smart

Smart Stats

We enter your home address and energy usage data based on your current utility bills. You will then receive feedback on how many solar panels are needed in order to offset your current utility usage. Your homes location, structural design, and typical energy usage will determine the right plan and Cost savings.


Benefits of Solar

One of the greatest benefits of using solar is the ability to lock in costs, which minimizes the impact of future rate hikes from utility companies.

Additionally, solar panels have been shown to increase home values due to the growing number of environmentally conscious home buyers who view solar energy as an invaluable asset for their future.

Regardless of these factors, your financial return on investing in a solar system will only increase each year as more and more money is saved on utility costs.

Why use SGR?

We are a one stop shop for solar and roofing. We give an honest inspection and detailed roof report. You don't want to install Solar on a Roof that won't out last the solar panels. 

Our Partnerships

We have partnered with the best installers and the best manufactures in the business. We cover 16 States with offices in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, and Arizona. 


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